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Originally Posted by tallguy-09
I don't blame you, I'm an engineer myself and have no clue what all these parts are there for sticking out of the engine, I'm natuarally curious so I find it fascinating that they are all somehow required :-)
Love my 2010 GS, the sound is great and the workmanshift and look&feel is better than anything I had before and more expensive...
I'm also way to scared to leave the road with it but that's only me, you could spend hundreds of dollars in one afternoon replacing mirrors, signal lights, valve covers...
The new Tenere seems to be a real winner, only the engine seems to be a little lifeless? in the lower gears, I'm not sure why but I read that the Kawasaki Versys with much lower displacement has equal pull in the lower gears...don't worry it will be quick enough.
The R1200GS just won the "Motorrad" Alpen Masters, basically they looked at different motorcycles and the GS won because of the overall package. German motorcycles seem to collect awards in Germany, I'm sure Triumph's win in GB.
I haven't read that about the Tenere's low end grunt being deficient , at least compared to the GS. I hope not because that GS low end torque is the greatest beauty of that bike.Kinda amazing,really. I guess I'll find out. Can always slip the clutch.Hate that. The torque figures on both bikes are similar,but haven't seen a comparison at lower RPMs.True, going into nasties with an expensive beemer is cause for pause,but I found I rode it better because of that. Terror has it's uses.Never dropped it bad. Knock on wood.
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