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Originally Posted by slide
I like others (who've probably never been to Africa) am amazed that you freely went into the rivers and even drank river water straight. The legend of Africa told to me is that doing either was either immediately fatal or a slow death from some sort of parasite.

As to the tsetse fly, where I'm from we used to have swarms of mosquitoes which were so dense that you couldn't see a person even a few meters away if in such a swarm (near most rivers). The white colonizers responded by an eradication program which sprays several times a year bringing the numbers down to something reasonable.

I'm supposing that the back country where you were is too remote or poor or both to have such a program against this fly.
There was a program back in the Rhodesia time where they sprayed the tsetse fly. We had to drive the cars into a shed on the side of the road going to Kariba where the car was sprayed with insecticide. I'm sure the current Zim govt has let that slide into oblivion as well.
Fantastic read MJ, thanks for the good dose of homesickness :)
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