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OK, time passes much too fast. Today I have seen snow on very top of the mountainpeaks in the distance. Summer’s over and “Tuscany for Friends”, actually the season-opener this year isn’t properly documented yet. This indicates that it has been a very nice summer with a lot of motorcycling. True. But there even more than a new hobby keeping me busy this year. The little cooltours shote starts walking, talking, and eats like a truck consumes gaz!
I’ve recently been on the look out for a coffee-racer for her, after she already owns a GS.

She somehow didn’t really seem to be into that coffee-racer thing:

How ever! I fully take all the blame on me! Sorry for the long break in reporting, dear TFF fellows! Here’s a hand full of my pictures, companioned with the kind request to all of you, in possession of further pics, kindly posting theme in what ever order might convenient.

Did I mention yet, that it has particularly been wet and ugly…?
Well, that’s not the full truth. Looked at it more detailed, Tage managed to guide us almost around every heavy rain and also made sure, that we see the sun once a day for more or less longer time!

…and there was at least equal as much sun than rain…

BTW: Rain has also it’s good sides: You automatically make more breaks to consume hot (and usually very sweet) beverages….

…and why, at that occasion, not to chat about the last bunch of pics you took.
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