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Originally Posted by Donogh
Unfortunately, it `s impossible - the territory nothern, than Titovka border control point is forbidden to enter for foreigners. And even russian guys need to take the permission in border control office. We done that in Murmansk.
Hi - 'Impossible' is not a word I easily accept!

I know of Border Zone permissions - having met the problem in the Tuva Republic last year

As you see, we eventually got the permission and talked our way out of not having it when leaving Altai Republic (there was more to this story than in the thread but we preferd not to cause possible problems for the people involved).

It's how you handle people that makes things happen!

Happily I see from your latest post that it could be obtainable for foreigners in Murmansk.

Thanks for the offer of help.
Maybe we should meet in MOS anyway.
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