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Originally Posted by Mollygrubber
Thank you, and +1.
We always have this frustrating period of time between the creation of a new fairing and the first production unit. However, the fairing molds are done and ready to go and we are just waiting for the first samples of the new screens and dashboards. the dashboard was actually harder to design than the fairing, because of it's dual role as both instrument mounting and structural brace for the fairing itself.

The fairing will be called the Mirage 2. We are also working on a new fairing system for the GS 650 single, which will be the Mirage 1 and be ready in November. I think there will be a Mirage 3 for the boxer.

We expect the first production samples of both screens and dashboards within two weeks and they will be tested out on both 650 and 800's. If (and it is always an 'if') everything performs as it should, we can go straight into production then, so they will start to ship at the end of this month.

That is the earliest it could be, but I can't forsee any issues that would delay that by more than two weeks.

As soon as the units are tried out, I will be posting detailed photos and text here on this thread, although it might be a few weeks before it is all photographed professionally and goes up on our website.

Thanks for your interest and patience, I am really excited about this series of fairings, it's a major commitment to the GS's, so it's very important for us to get this right.

Cheers Ian
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