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Than we rode East. The territory near the lighthouse is like a garbage can, but instead of an usual garbage there are some rusty vehicles.

The abandoned city Skarbeevka:

I have surreal fellings inside of this place.

And there is the geocaching site, on the second floor of this building. We had found it.

We wanted to stay for the rest in Skarbeevka, there was the almost untouched house. But there was a pair of guys with a gasoline angle grinder - they picked up steel from buildings. So we thought about the fact, that frames of our bikes also made from steel pipes, and we prefered to go further

Our camp. See mosqitoes around me. Extremely evil ones - maybe it`s because of absence of meal - only some polar deers

Like this one:


I have the bath in this waterfall. It is extremely invigorating

There was the tundra summer.

A lot of flowers.

The vertebra of a whale. The boot is for the scale.

A mushroom and some plastic ball from a fishermans` net:

There are very beautiful landscapes in sunny days (and nights).

There are some pieces of snow even in July.

Polar night. It`s about 2 AM:

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