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Originally Posted by Dirt_Dad
I think I've read most everything here on the S10 and there's a lot of great info on how it handles the dirt. I wondering about hitting the hardcore paved twisties in the mountains. I'm very pleased with how my Vee handles the twisties and I would not like to lose capability if switching to the S10.
Well i'm just back out of Spain, and i must say i'm really impressed with the surefootedness of GTXT, we did a lot of really little backroads on which its soft sprung coolness was really relaxing the ride, but we also did a stretch of the well known N260 in the Pyrenees and especcially the stretch near Rubio consists of nice open wide corners with great views of the next set, so you can safely put up the ante, and give the bike a propper whipping, i even thought i lost the rightside pegsaverpin there :-)

Especcially the knowledge of having ATC on board riding those twisties on TKC's was a great relief, triggered the ABS only once, thus stable it is even if there are some serious sags in the tarmac near the side giving the bike a Jolt in a not planned direction.

I'm used to scratch the pegs with a telelever GS, but the Tenere although it misses the front plantedness of the GS by a whisker, wins on rear shurefootedness, the GS has a tendencie to go bonkers at the rear in a succesion of jolts by carretera en obras, the Tenere simple does a litle "whoops" and continues its steady business as usual approach, like a prime minister who just fucked up he knows how to put away any mishaps brilliantly...
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