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Originally Posted by wemjr300
First off, I'm a cheap SOB, but hear me out.

for 20 cents on the dollar ($4000) I bought a 1995 BMW R1100GS with 50K miles to serve as my "adventure" bike.

Did I mention I'm a cheap SOB.........
Interesting... Your DR350 is a good buy but being so "economical" I wonder why you didn't bother looking for a 200X KLR with under 5K miles for under $2500?

That's what I did after taking my R100GS into Canyonlands (Moab) with two other friends riding KLR's. The big Airhead did OK on the rocks but wallowed and fell twice in the sands. Great on the highway but too much work on loose surfaces.

The economics of owning a motorcycle is NOT only the purchase price, but the price of parts and service (if you don't work on them yourself). Oilhead GS's (with their e-wizardry) are certainly more expensive to maintain than Airheads as a result of service costs IMHO. Certainly more than the KLR.

I hate the way the KLR rides. I love the way it gets me there and back with confidence. But Locktite is my friend.
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