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Originally Posted by Yellow Pig

Looks like a great loop.

How are you digging the new TE-610 compared to the XRR?
This is a great loop for sure. I am still looking to extend it into lots of other areas like WY or possibly West, but that will take some reconnaissance.

I like the 610 a lot, here is a list of the Pros and Cons. Just as a reference I have ridden the XRR for years on all kinds of terrain and they are very similar bikes realistically. I have ridden the Husky on everything out here from singletrack to rocky passes to highway but have only had it for a few months.

-Infinitely better at highway speeds (6 speed trans), smoother, the ratios are spaced very well with the stock gearing and stock power even at altitude. LOVE the transmission.
-Fuel mileage is vastly better than the XR but I have the XR jetted rich as crap right now.
-Electric start... duh Fatal flaw of the XRR for some.
-Great ergos with the Husky high bars (thanks Geek!)
-Good to slightly overpowered front brake, I like it though.

-Finicky starting, no kick backup to magic button... guess I am paranoid and old school.
-Runs like crap cold, I haven't rejeted yet so may not be a real issue.
-Less power than the XR, makes its power in a very different way. No massive torque available at low revs like the XR, have to ride the bike higher in the rev range for sure. I really love the flexibility of the XR power. (My XR is just uncorked, no fancy carb, stock exhaust with different tip) Realistically they probably make the same peak power but the XRR makes so much more down low where I like to ride for flexibility...
-Even taller than the XR??? I have short legs...
-Heavier by a bit, can't really feel it except pushing the bike around
-Trail in the front end is supposedly the same between the XR and 610 but the steering is WAY slower on the 610 at low speeds. The Husky is way more stable dirt tracking sideways, so kind of a compromise. Haven't set the sag on the Husky but it seems close.
-Suspension is interesting, front end feels strange over really rough rocks, high speed damping seems off even through all adjustment settings. The rear seems to work well. I like the stock spring rates, some think it is stiff. I had Borynack do my suspension on the XRR and love it, most will think it is insane for woods riding and it is not so great in the really rocky stuff. In the whoops and tighter smooth stuff it is epic so maybe not a fair comparison...
-Steering stops are VERY close together, max turning angle is very small in comparison, makes turning around in tight spots a giant pain. The IMS tank will allow for the stops to be shaved a bit allowing for more lock angle but I may sell the bike and have not come up with a way to make this mod reversible if someone wants to use the stock tank...
-Crappy stock lights (tail and headlight), I bought a Cyclops so that should help!
-Rear brake is so overpowered it is dangerous if you are not used to it. Still very little modulation available after riding it for a while...
-Cam chain issue

Overall the Husky is an AWESOME bike for CO, I can put more miles in daily with it than the XR for sure. I can't justify selling the XR (just isn't worth much) and would have to drop a lot of money into the Husky (I think?) to get the suspension and power to where the XRR is. Ideally I would have the XRR with electric start and the trans from the Husky but that isn't possible/cost prohibitive. I have been eying the 690 white hard but damn they are $$$.
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