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Originally Posted by Velocibiker
Geez......You guys just trying to up your post counts?
I was really hoping for some actual ideas. A serious answer to a valid question.

I asked a similar question when my bike was new and basically there were no options. Now, 3 years or so later, I was hoping some of you might have heard to seen something new. Obviously not.
As far as we know, not one is making an aftermarket item with higher output.

- You could try hand winding the coils. Careful selection of conductor size and precision winding may get a few more mAs out of it.
- Redesign the whole thing, closer tolerances, highest quality components, again some improvement to output.
- Change the elect starter for a second generator. Mod the gear drive to provide constant drive to the gen. That'd be good for a few extra volts...

But basically you are trying to break the law. The law of diminishing returns!

Mate, if there was a serious answer to your valid question you would have gotten it along with the 90% BS (is that the correct ratio?) and stuff.
Enjoy it, it all good ...
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