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The Philosophers Truck

How many times do we look at something but don't really "see" it? I've passed by an old truck with a for sale sign on it many times on my way North and though I gave it a brief glance and it registered in my mind I never really "saw" it until one day for no apparent reason the thought came to pull over and check it out.

This is how it appears at a glance.

Nothing special unless you're in to old trucks which I'm not. However when I took the time to really "see" it I immediately thought of it as "The Philoshopers Truck". First of all I found it had a name and like all of us both it and its owner are....

It begins by by asking us a simple question - When was the last time you..
and then invites us to " Try one today, Free Yourself"

And this naturally begs the question.. How do you free yourself? And not to leave us hanging it offers some advice. For starters - Why, what are you waiting for, who cares what they think make yourself feel better

So I ask you all as I asked myself that day. When was the last time you...



and do you dare to ,,,

or even...

Or even as I strive to...

or even...

I noticed last Saturday when I was returning from Lake Placid Edgur was no longer there and it suddenly seemed as if an old and dear friend had departed my life. I'm grateful for that little voice that told me to pull over that day and "see: Edgur for what he really is. I spent probably 45 minutes they and they truly were magic.

And this one phrase sums up all we really need to know, take to heart and Believe...

And this is the last shot befor leaving..

So there we have the sage advice of Edgur, I'll miss him but his advice will always resonate with me. And the next time you pass something that you wouldn't ordinarily give a second thought to, stop and "see" it , you may be as delighted as I was.

I did take more pics and if anyone wants to see the rest it will definetely be time well spent,,,,

Just look here
And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye. - Antoine De Saint-Exupery

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