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Originally Posted by Claim Jumper
Yes the valve covers are interchangable. Or at least a pair of the old style ones will fit on a /7. I understand that the newer style are stronger if you drop the bike (mine are pretty gouged up!). Anyone out there know where to find the old style covers?

TRY a BMW dealer.
They are still available although not cheap. BUT they are much better quality than the repro units being sold all over the world.
The repros are manufactured in China and are a little less robust than the factory "peanut" covers.
An easy way to tell if they are factory or not, the repros do not have the small roundel cast into the inside like the factory ones do.
As far as the interchangeability is concerned, think of it this way, they all share the same gasket. That is a give away right there. I've even put a pair of the 70-76 covers on a /2 (used a longer center stud) and it looked like a R50S!
Actually that is where they took the design from. The R50S had one of a kind valve covers. They were a little shallower with one less cooling fin, but looked liked the later /5 /6 covers.
Late 1976 (77 model year) introduced the squarish valve covers in plain and then Black. They are actually different from left to right which is why they are marked links und rechts accordingly.
The angle of the fins are off kilter to match the offset of the fins on the heads. They will work on either side but look a little odd when put on wrong.
Yes they are thicker and stronger and also quieter.


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