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Originally Posted by toddler
Having owned both bikes myself I have a slightly different take on them

I've put 15K on my XRR(sold) and 12K on my 08 610(still own).

Technical offroad ability goes to the 610 by a wide margin. The TE610 turns like a dirtbike and has a better suspension. It feels lighter than the XRR, but it isn't.
Is your XRR suspension stock? Our setups must be drastically different. What is your sag set at for both bikes? How much of a difference between the 06 and 08 suspensions do you believe there to be?

Originally Posted by toddler
non-Technical offroad ability goes to the XRR by a small margin. The XRR is super stable. It shines in the dessert. I like stability for non-technical riding as it is less tiring.

Onroad ability goes to the XRR by a small margin. The XRR is smoother and has more power. Note that I have the 08 FI 610, which is very low on power but great on fuel milage. I've ridden Geeks bike(carbed) and the power difference is stunning.
Wow, I didnt expect this take on the road worthiness at all. Maybe I just need to stop worrying about spinning the XRR on the highway

Is your XRR uncorked? I seem to remember Geek saying that the exhaust made a big difference on his bike in terms of power but maybe i should ride it to see...

Originally Posted by toddler
Versatility goes to the 610 by a small margin. It has a large stator output(340W) and has a strong rear subframe. You can run electric gear easily for colder times and put a killer headlight on it. I had 200w on my XRR so I could do the same as well. Plus, the 610 is street legal off the showroom floor.
Agreed on versatility and creature comforts.

Originally Posted by toddler
Maintenance goes to the XRR by a HUGE margin. Kick and Ride and check the valves when you feel like it. In 15K miles of usage I had one bolt back out. I wish I could say the same about the 610.

I think the 610 is a better bike for me since I like technical dualsport riding.
Maintanance on the XRR is I am a bit worried about the Husky...

Thanks for the input toddler! Where is Geek when you need him...
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