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Figures / Calculation of Probability

A motorcycle journey like this, is also a little bit a statistical thing. Within a week, all the riding of the whole crew adds easily up to something around 30’000 km’s, which equals more or less the average of not only a fews livetime distance on a motorcycle. So, I have no detailed statistical figures, but I am sure it is not far from reality, that within 30’000 km’s motorcycling one incident happens in average. As so often, we was very lucky. So was the guy who wiped Jacky from her stealhorse.

So, here comes the typical Italian part of the story:
Please, therefore check out the picture above again. See that sign on the pole, right across the street? Well, the whole damn’ thing happened right at the doorstep of the local police-station. Well, nothing to say against that. But now tell me: In which other country of the world, if two motorcycles crash right in front of the cob’s station… and a dozen other motorcycles stop, to excitedly palaver and discuss and look around and grab the bike from the road and check the girl and talk to the other motorcyclist and start to fix the bike…, well, tell me: in which other country but in Italy wouldn’t show up one single cop, not even an aspirant anyway?

Now, as we are already endeavour Mr. Gauss’ normal-distribution; This term has not only one extension! Infact, depending on the form (for instance it's compression) of that bell-shaped curve, it is quiet likely, that the “most likely” event happens almost equal often than the "second-most" likely one. Or else; it in some cases is not unlikely that the same thing happens twice in a row. So, yes, indeed we did experience this phenomena too! I assume the following pics need no further explanation:

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