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Originally Posted by wind_man
Is your XRR suspension stock? Our setups must be drastically different. What is your sag set at for both bikes? How much of a difference between the 06 and 08 suspensions do you believe there to be?

Wow, I didnt expect this take on the road worthiness at all. Maybe I just need to stop worrying about spinning the XRR on the highway

Is your XRR uncorked? I seem to remember Geek saying that the exhaust made a big difference on his bike in terms of power but maybe i should ride it to see...

Agreed on versatility and creature comforts.

Maintanance on the XRR is I am a bit worried about the Husky...

Thanks for the input toddler! Where is Geek when you need him...
My XRR was stock suspension front and rear. Sag numbers? I have no idea

The 06 610 front suspension has the compression adjusters, the 08 does not. Otherwise, the same.

My XRR was as smooth as any bike I've ever owned at 80mph with stock gearing. The XRR was uncorked and had a header/pipe, but I'm not sure it added any power over the standard power up.

I also had the same ginormous tank you do. What a great bike.

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