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Well as it turns out I did get out for a little ride this afternoon on my old beat up thumper.

The "thumper short-cut" to town.

It starts out big bike friendly...

...but going down through the creek could be tricky..not bad today though as it's dry as a bone.

I played around trying to get a good sunset shot at this cabin last winter...."on the fly" shot today..

Awnmower racing is big in these parts.

Heading for the hills I see that some of the cotton fields are nearing harvest now.

Why is it that the "old" highway is always better than the "new" one?

Once in the hills I decided to go see Sally...she's a cruel mistress with curves to die for.

The weather cooperated quite nicely this afternoon.

This is Sally and her pet

Next up I would discover the gates open on Schoolhouse Ridge.

Two track and blind curves.

Grandfather Mountain.

Fresh cut lumber smells sooo good.

I had hoped to find more gates open....but didn't.

So it was gonna have to be a trip down that same old road again....

The smooth sections were just a blur today....zoom, zoom, zoom.

This used to be an industrialized area until a flood washed out everything in the gorge....a few things still remain.

Just a quick loop today with hopes of getting home before dark. At the base of the Blue Ridge farmers are getting up the summer's last load of hay.

Now hopefully this guy won't go hungry this winter.

Well the old bike ran pretty good'd been sitting up with old gas in it. It didn't leave me stranded anywhere along that little 230 mile spin but the clutch cable did snap just ten miles from home.

Tomorrow I go to work.
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