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well, you're asking on the Orange Crush, so we're all gonna say we love 'em!

Which is true. There's no bike I'd rather have than my 990. However, for me it's big strength is it's versatility EVERYWHERE: It's like a Ducati on the road, a Rally bike in the dirt, you can load it up like a Goldwing, take a passenger, whatever. So yeah, it CAN do single track, but she's a big 'ole girl. If I was rarely going to see pavement as you are describing I might lean more toward the KTM 690 Enduro which is quite a bit lighter and still crazy powerful (I've heard...). However, it also sounds like maybe you're really wanting a twin cylinder, which is INTOXICATING. When I get on other ppls thumpers they feel like toys, the 990 Adventure feels like a space ship or a jet fighter!

The 990 EATS dirt roads. 90, 100, 110 mph... Jeep trails are a blast, and for me the most fun trails are ATV type tracks that are too small for Jeeps but still give you a bit more line selection than single track. The limited single track I've done on the 990 has been fun but it required SO much concentration and physical effort that I couldn't go very far before being mentally and physically cooked, but it's possible!

The coolness factor is worth mentioning too: The Adventure and Super Enduro are unique and undeniably mean. It's fun being "the crazy guy who rides that huge, weird, orange bike."

Hope that helps, good luck with your search!
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