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Originally Posted by T O Double D
It's not a question of if the bike can make it, but how much work you want to put into getting it through.

Have you looked at the 690? It will likely be my next bike.

I rode my 990 to the slop and through the slop two weekends ago. This past weekend, it was the 525EXC carrying me to the slop and through the slop. The 990 wore me out in the sand and on the trails, but it is so smooth and comfy on the roads and highways. The 525 is light and easy on the body in the slop, but then beats me up on the asphalt to and from!

My thinking after this exercise (literally) is get in better shape and ride the 990 everywhere OR find the perfect dual sport bike that does both. (not gonna happen!) In the end, I'll continue to ride both, but the lighter EXC has been relegated to local duty only!
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