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Originally Posted by jjohn82
It's funny how similar the two threads are becoming, here and over on the BMW side.

I should clarify that the "off-road" portion of this is forest service type roads and whatever else I can somewhat "legally" get to from them. I should clarify that when the going gets very tough, I'll use my 450, tougher than that my trials bike. I am not going to muscle a 500lb beast too often. I had a XR650L, so I am used to riding "heavier" bikes off road.

I have seen a few 950SE's pop up for sale used on the board here, but honestly they seem too dirt oriented for me as does the 690 and the Husky's. I have a tagged 450 EXC. The 950SE has a lot of cool factor though, and if I had a more streetable DS, I'd go for that instantly (maybe that sums up my feelings, I am looking for a more streetable off-road oriented bike).
I think your "I am a dirt rider" and "some single track" comments probably made people think you were looking for something harder-core. I'm still kinda confused by what you say: "OK, I am a dirt rider, don't spend much time on pavement other than going to and from dirt roads ..... I guess I am looking for opinions on the 990 for mostly off-road use"

I guess I'm therefore not exactly sure on "I am looking for a more streetable off-road oriented bike". I suppose thats an F800GS but if you don't want to ride it much on the street, why don't you get another XR650L?

These kinda posts always do a good job of channeling the fact that the OP is conflicted ;-)
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