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Originally Posted by crazybrit
I think your "I am a dirt rider" and "some single track" comments probably made people think you were looking for something harder-core. I'm still kinda confused by what you say: "OK, I am a dirt rider, don't spend much time on pavement other than going to and from dirt roads ..... I guess I am looking for opinions on the 990 for mostly off-road use"

I guess I'm therefore not exactly sure on "I am looking for a more streetable off-road oriented bike". I suppose thats an F800GS but if you don't want to ride it much on the street, why don't you get another XR650L?

These kinda posts always do a good job of channeling the fact that the OP is conflicted ;-)
Agreed, I was about as clear as mud. I was trying to convey how I ride now, and stating that I want to ride longer paved sections. I may never ride the 990 as I do my 450. I am looking for something I can go from Acworth to the mountains, blast some FS roads, hit some paved roads and make it back. The "off-road" I intend for this bike would be FS roads and legal areas like that. I will save my 450 for the true "technical/tight" stuff.

When I had my 650, I never felt right riding it at any speed (65+) and it just blew me around, at 6'4" I make quite a sail. Both the 800 and 990 seem to fit the bill of what I'm looking for. The 990 may be more technical off road where the 800 may be less so. The 800 seems to need some additional $$$ to make it closer to the 990 off road from the opinions I get.

I have really only been seriously looking for about a month. So I guess I am still learning what I want.
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