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Day 2: Sunday, 29 August 2010

We got up early Sunday morning, cooked a tasty breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, and hit the road. Heading east, Rt 138 passes through numerous small towns and various kinds of countryside.

We made it to Baie Comeau and turned onto Rt 389. Of course we had to stop for the mandatory pics at the sign announcing the start of the Trans-Quebec-Labrador road.

We headed north on the paved road to Manic 5, enjoying the twisties along the way, and eventually stopped for lunch. Through no planning on my part, it ended up being the same spot I stopped last year -- just a convenient spot, I suppose.


Fun road.

We continued north to Manic 5 and stopped for gas and a snack.

Then continued on to the Manic 5 dam itself.

If that dam ever breaks, those buildings down there might have some problems.

The road climbs up to the top of the hill, and the fun begins!

On the gravel.

It had rained heavily earlier in the day. We kept coming across mud holes in the road. For the most part these were no real problem... or so we thought until one of them claimed Roman. His front end augured in (Martin and I suspected that the F800GS's undersprung forks contributed to the problem), and he went over the handlebars. Headlight/instrument cluster broke off.

We duct-taped it back on.

Roman's luggage was banged up too, but serviceable, and the bike started up fine. Roman himself was a bit bruised and his shoulder a little tweaked, but otherwise okay. The bigger issue was that Roman's confidence was badly shaken by crashing only 35 miles into the gravel. But once the bike was cobbled back together, he agreed it made more sense to continue on to Relais Gabriel, since it was closer than backtracking to Manic 5, and by the time we got there he felt a good deal better.

We ended up camping at a primitive site about a kilometer past Relais Gabriel.

The night was clear and beautiful.

We built the mandatory campfire, and Roman opened the bottle of tequila he'd brought.

Eventually I turned in and slept soundly... until I awoke in the middle of the night thinking a bear was walking around our campsite. But then I heard a tent zipper and realized it was just someone getting up to pee.

Stats for the day:

Track for the day:
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