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Tage and Capa della Famiglia led us all week long criss-cross all the way through their backyard. Again: It is very hard to describe how wonderfull this place is. So it happens, that, while the traveller seeks shelter from the upcoming, short splash from above…

…in best case he, the traveller, is finding it at a place where pleasure, physical and psychical comfort as well as delightful joy is not only on the program, but much more in the heart of the owner and carefully passed from one to the next generations so that the offered “services” might remain as they ever have been … delicious!

Is it a wonder than, that after such days you see lots of smiling faces?

If later on the day than the food still is Italian, homemade

…and good,...

…and if you’re fortuned enough to sit in a friends leaving-room in the middle of a bunch of new and old other friends in every age, from every corner of the continent and with all different cultural, economical, educational, political (and most probably also sexual) orientation and background …

…there’s not much more left than slowly to let yourself slide into an evening of pleasure, entertainment and relaxing spirits amongst great people in fantastic environment. What better reason to open up one or two bottles of the best what the 700+ (?) yrs old winecellar can offer!
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