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Day 4: Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sometime during the night it began raining, and was still at it when I awoke shortly before dawn. But as I lay in my tent needing to pee, the tapping of raindrops on my tent slowed, then stopped. I crawled out of my tent and said, "Oh, wow!" The rain that had just moved past was catching the dawn light and put on quite a display as the sun came up.

We packed up and headed east. The road continued to be sketchy until about 30 miles before Churchill Falls, at which point it changed to hard-packed dirt, nearly as good as pavement. We enjoyed the easier ride, then stopped in Churchill Falls for breakfast.

Here we wound up running into Marty (aka lakota) and his buddy Jack. They ate faster than we did and were soon on their way again.

Eventually we gassed up and got going too.

The road from Churchill Falls to Goose Bay was more loose gravel. The graders have been busy this summer. The whole road was much easier when I rode it last year.

The scenery along the way is desolate and beautiful.

Tires were wearing okay.

Eventually we reached a freshly-laid-down ribbon of pavement. It was still soft.

The ground around here was covered with this whitish stuff. I'm not sure what it is. I'm also not sure what gorse is, but it sounds like what this looks like, so I'm going to go out on a limb and call this stuff gorse.

Jason was ready to get going again.

The pavement ended after 10 miles or so, we rode another section of gravel, then the paved road into Happy Valley-Goose Bay began. We stopped at the sign for the mandatory photo.

Then we rode into town, went grocery shopping, and rode up to Gosling Lake Park and camped on the beach.

Martin expressed his disappointment at not having seen any moose yet, although we had seen some wolves on the side of the road earlier in the day. A construction crew had started feeding them, so they didn't bother to run away in the presence of humans. One of them apparently looked like it was about to lunge at Roman as he rode by. So it was with thoughts of wildlife that we drifted off to sleep that night.

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