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Originally Posted by Gaston Gagne

You were out there. Another friend was checking out his new to him KLX at Brown yesterday afternoon. I was on my orange two-stroke. A Stihl line trimmer.
I figured that you were still in school when I was topping off at the Gate....

I was tempted to hit a few trails at brown but glad that I didn't have a clutch cable break somewhere on 1A

OK...managed to get a little ride in this morning before work, over to the nearest m/c shop to see if they could re-cable my DR650 clutch and dig up any 6v bulbs for the ct70.

Crappy cell phone pics but it's an interesting place to poke around looking for an odd piece of hardware.

I hope nobody tries to take any parts off my Strom while it's sitting there.

Cool sign.

Inside it's about as organized as I am! ..but they knew right where to look in a box as old and dusty as my ct70 is rusty to find those 6v bulbs!

Would I just be showing myself to be old if I told you that I lusted for this bike after graduating HS?

I'm afraid that most of the "goody" is already gone from this one!

I've actually found a usable part or two back here in the woods from days gone by....

Does that look like a Russel Day Long to you? (maybe I should go back for that!)
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