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Originally Posted by Gregarious
Ian - do you see a reason why your fairing would or wouldn't be compatible with the TT cockpit cover?

Our fairing will come with a dash as part of the kit, so the TT dash will not be required. One of the things that we have always tried to do with our fairings is to provide a 'one product solves all issues' approach, rather than lots of parts to make a system.

So, we decided that this fairing system should accommodate/solve these issues :

No cockpit glare from the lights
Dash space for GPS and other switchgear
Wind/weather protection for all sized people (as much as is possible)
Space on the back of the dash to mount HID ballasts.
A design that looks like it is OEM

The idea is that the cost of the kits are offset by the fact that owners don't have to buy additional parts to solve the above problems.

There is a slight disadvantage where guys have already got parts (as with the TT dash), but there isn't much we can do about it.


PS There is very little chance of any handguards hitting the fairing, but I won't know for definate until the production parts are done and we can check it.
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