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Gods you guys are too funny!!

I'm tempted to show that 300W KTM viber to my wife, but I think I'd get a good slap instead of the good stuff

Anyway - as for what I need "more power" for. Driving lights for one. Right now I have my hi-beam run in tandem with the low-beam. That in itself is 110W. Toss in the fact that I rarely run at 6K rpms for max output, plus the other amp/watt suckers and I'm at the limit of safe charging of the battery.

Regular, off-the-shelf halogen driving lights run 55W apiece. Some run 35W, but are too cheezy to mess with.

The math is simple, there's just not enough power output to run non-HID driving lights. Even if I undid my OE light mod, that's still pulling 165W just in lighting alone. Not gonna work.

I like the TrailTech 13W HID lights. A pair of those would be nice, but at $200? I'd also like a few more options. Thus my request to find more power. If I can rig up something to pump up the power for less that a couple hundred, then I could get any kind/style of driving lights I like.

Of course if the power increase would cost more than some HID lights, then it's all a moot point isn't it.

So there ya go.

Bottom line here is that there ISN'T a simple or cheap or verified way to increase the generator output. I have my answer. I guess I'll be ordering some TrailTech HIDs....
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