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Re: baldy, fish, et al...

Said komet:
so (I'm new at this)...I use ifranview and take a pic that is 2048x1536 = 1221kb and reduce it to 800x600 = 67kb...would that be the right idea on posting a pic here? Also, when actually taking the pics...does it matter what "quality" you set the pic for if you are going to reduce it with ifranview? Thanks.
My .02.

#1 You are correct. Also, when I open an image in Photoshop, and then save it as a JPEG, I'm asked what quality I want. I always select a low quality for posting on the web (it's just another way of lowering the resolution.)

#2 Always begin with the highest quality pic, then work your way down in post-production. So set you camera to the highest level you can.

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