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The Darling below Menindie shows little of the huge amount of water that has flowed down from Qld this year, the locals are a little dark about it.

The reason is here, in the pic below, you see that line across the middle distance, that's the other side of the Menindie Lakes, which artificially robs the lower Darling of it's water. To be released in dribs and drabs when it suits them.
Evaporation must be colossal.

Anyway, I'm off to Broken Hill.

I always find these places very sad, I come away feeling that we have lost so much of what made us as a nation, today we just dig it up in remote FIFO camps and ship it off to Asia to make things out of it, back then we turned iron ore into ships at places like Whyalla.
How many people know that BHP-Billiton started here as Broken Hill Proprietary. 120 years ago.
Don't quote me on the numbers, but I think about 30,000 men used to work in the mines here, now about 1500.
200 km west of BH is the town of Yunta, it is here that I head North again into the Flinders Ranges.

At first the road is a Freeway.

This area is in the rain shadow of the Flinders and is, even in this year of plenty, bloody dry.

About 40km north of Yunta I turn off onto a lesser road which, by the evening will take me to Hawker.

As I got further west, it started to green up.

Between Craddock and Hawker the sun shone through the clouds and I took this pic, it doesn't do the scene justice but it's the best my limited ability and my 250 buck camera could do.

It had been a long, warm day and I needed a shower and a bed.
The Flinders are not over endowed with cheap accomodation...............
Next time we meet some totally inspirational dudes, and get seriously wet.
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