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Said Baldy:
Thanks! We've had a surge of computer-hating, AOL-using grandparents sign up lately and it's been humbling to discover how some nuances in user interface design can make the difference between getting something and not.

Any little things, any nuances that bother you, send us email and slap us around. Hell, even fish made me get real about the colors on ADVrider and if he can have an influence anyone can.

Digital photography is going to rock our world. It's incredibly amazingly cool.
Another kudos on smugmug. I've spent the day trying to figure out my new digi, and the flug pointed me that way when I asked about where to put them. I spent a while looking it over, and took your advice and downloaded Irfanview. Now that I have a basic understanding of that, I'll be jumping onto smugmug. Now I just need to figure out the best way to take a shitload of old photos and getting them onto disc(?).

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