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I grew up with strict and over-protective parents. They would have never let me own a motorcycle. I wasn't even allowed to ride my friends dirt bikes. I rode my cousins minibike only a handful of times without their knowledge. I knew from that point I wanted a motorbike. I spent alot of time on my bicycle daydreaming about it. Being deprived of something you want only makes you want it more, right?

In 1997 I sold off my pickup in order to justify my first motorcycle purchase. I began commuting to work by motorcycle and we've been a one-car family ever since. Even with the addition of two kids.

I owned a couple different cruisers before purchasing my dream bike, the Aprilia Futura, in 2002. My street riding skills had improved to the point where I needed a better performing bike, or I was gonna kill myself trying to push my big heavy cruiser too fast in the twisties. With a sporty, but comfortable long distance sport-tourer I began wearing out the asphalt around Arizona. I quickly became bored with the same roads. I started thinking the best thing about living in Arizona was we were so close to California and Utah. I was slowly coming to the realization that what I was really wanting was the sense of adventure of a new road.

About one and a half years ago I bought my second dream bike and my very first "dirt bike", the KTM 990 Adventure. The first trips I did with it was back to Utah. Lately though, I've tried to resist to urge to head out of state. There's alot of Arizona I need to see first.

And here, just outside of town is an awesome dirt road I've never ridden. Up, up, we go.

The penalty for sliding off this road is high.

Don't tip over here.

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