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Originally Posted by mymindsok
They're the heaviest, strongest Airhead valve covers that I've seen, they don't leak, they get rid of those pesky gaskets and they quieten the bike quite a bit.quote]

Doesn't it seem like they could do the same heavier cover, non-gasket, in a peanut style w/o being so obviously bulky?
I dunno...

I would think that Chris could have done pretty much whatever he wanted to do and thats what resulted in the Cool Covers, instead of another version of the already ubiquitous Peanuts. Lots of people didn't like the style of the CC covers But in the end that meant nothing. Lots of other guys did and Chris made a profit on every pair.

One of my riding buddies had a set of Cool Covers 'back in the day' and they were gloss black PC but unfortunately, the ones I saw from that "lost pile" weren't nearly as nicely cast or finished as the originals. Maybe they were casting/finishing rejects or something but I passed on em and found a pair of mint vintage ones that made me very happy.

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