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From the beginning

Guess I should start from the begninning....

About 2 weeks ago I got my normal early start when I pulled out of the AAA office in Spokane at 1PM with a map of the Canadian Atlantic Provinces . I had asked for a map of Labrador and Newfoundland and after looking at the map I asked, "where's Labrador?" Oh" the lady says, "its right here", pointing to the map. What she was pointing at was a small south eastern corner of Labrador. I told that Labrador was much larger than that and she said, "Yeah, I think its out of proportion." Well, there's only one road in Labrador that runs west to east so I wasn't too worried. I had previous loaded the Canada Provinces into my GPS, so I figured I could at least get pointed in the right direction.

That night, I made it to eastern Montana and after failing to find a state park in the area, I settled on a KOA campground. Having not been at a KOA, I was a little surprised when I was told about the live entertainment till 10PM, a pool and hot tub, showers, and even a well defined yard to park and put up my tent.

Wow, camping has changed a bit.

The following day was spent heading east in the rain and cold. Not much to talk about in eastern Montana or North Dakota. I'm sure the areas are nice, but I needed to get to Saint Catharines by Saturday to get new TKCs mounted on the Beast. That night I ended up west of Fargo in some small town hotel - sure glad I had some tequila with me

Another day and another campground later and I was at Baldone1's house The following day, I had new tires on the Beast. Balsone1 took me to visited Niagara Falls as well as a few fine gentlemen establishments in the area. Yeah, Baldone1 knows his way around the roads of Saint Catharines! He had me totally lost most of the time as we rode from attraction to attraction.

The next day, we took off towards Montreal. Baldone1 showed me the best roads of the area, and we ended up at the pub in Brokeville before heading back to the hotel and being told we were too loud while talking in the parking lot. What's up with that? it was only 4AM and I couldn't see any other cars in the area . What had we done, woke up the front desk person?

Badone1 took me to within 20 km of Montreal before deciding to head home. I made it past Quebec and camped at Mont St-Anne Provincial Park. As I lay in my tent listening to the rain, I was glad I was within striking distance of, Blanc-Sablon, the kick-off point of the Trans Labrador Hwy. Well, not exactly the Trans Labrador, but the start of 580 km of gravel road that would take me to Labrador City, the start of the Trans Labrador Hwy.
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