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I tried to get a couple of people I know to make me a bracket but no luck ( one is away and the other too busy to even think about it ) so Maggot1300 if you are still happy to make me a bracket I would really appreciate it.

This is my standard front mudguard;

( a better/bigger image at and this is what I think will work for me;

( a better/bigger image at

As you can see I didn't quite make the equal but the template layout on the bottom of the image ( where there is not 'gap where I didn't have enough cardboard ) is the right one.

The scoop at the front would allow me to use a front guard tool kit but if its too hard then that could dropped.

Missing from the picture is the distance from the back of the plate ( non-scalloped ) and the rear bolt holes... and that is because I don't know who much metal should be there given that the weight of two lamps up front - Google tells me that each lamp weighs .25 pounds = 113.398093 grams so not much :-) I think 20mm would be enough but I would certainly accept any suggestions.

As well there is no distance from the front of the plate to the leading edge of the front bolt hole but this measures out as 110mm.

I didn't want to confuse the picture by trying to show where I thought the holes should go and then confusing the situation. I always get told to put down the tools when people see me doing things.... now you know why

I hope I have given you enough information - if you need more please let me know.

I have PM'd you an address for the delivery of the plate.

Thanks again for the great offer of making the plate, I will certainly buy you a beer or two next time you are in Sydney ( or I am in Melbourne ).

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