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150km or so off the hwy is Mt Conner, it's on Private land & is only accessible by guided tour. It's actually a white man's sacred site, if you will.

3 members of the Severin family are buried here.
Lots of Japanese tourists think it's Uluru, take some photos & go home, never having seen "The Rock".
The Severins own Curtin Springs station, where I stayed.
It's a good spot to stay if you're going to the Rock, because it's only 100km from Uluru, has free camping & reasonably priced rooms, and you can buy booze here, without the bullshit & six pack limit you cop in Yulara.
Honestly, what overseas visitors must think of this country when they have to jump through hoops to buy a $30 six pack, because they may be supplying the locals if they buy more defies the imagination.
In Yulara, if you don't have a vehicle you must catch a bus from the Shopping Centre about 2km round the ring road to get this 6 pack, or 1 bottle of wine.
It's a bloody joke
Rant over.
The next morning I woke up to this.

That's right, the weather gods had shit on my parade again.
Now it was wait, or do a 2000km backtrack.
Wait is what I decided to do.
The patriach of the Severins, Peter, who's now 83 came out here in 1958 with his new bride, the first thing he did was take the keys out of the car, so she couldn't bolt. Even though she couldn't drive he didn't want to run the risk that she might learn, quickly.
He still works every day from about 6am till about 4pm when he installs himself in the bar and entertains the tourists for a few hours, over a few bevvies.
He is a real character, and worth the cost of the room on his own.
His views on the world and how to fix it definatly would not please the PC crowd.
I stayed 3 nights.
With more rain forcast over the weekend I decided to dip my toe in the water on the Docker River Road & on to the GCR on Thursday.
About 40km out "The Rock" comes into view.

After passing through the ripoff point, sorry park entrance, $25pp, and getting away with no charge coz I said I was going straight through, I went straight through, but got this view of the rock.

Sorry to all those who think otherwise, but to me, seen one rock, seen 'em all.
Now I'm back to country I do understand and love.

Don't you just love those Desert Oaks?
The first 20km of the Tjukaruru Road is the worst, for a while I thought all my fillings would have to be replaced. After that it was good, the rain had firmed up the sand, which meant I had an easier run than is the norm to Docker River.

Between DR and Warburton the road crosses the NT/WA border and gets pretty damn picturesque in spots.

None of these communities allow photography, but it was only Docker River, that in my opinion, had anything to be ashamed of. It looked like a shithole.
The rest of the communities along this road were something we can all be proud of. No booze, no petrol sniffing, seemed like model outback towns to me. (I just looked at this & wondered whether all this sounds patronising or not?)
Anyway I just love this country, it's an easy dirt highway, but I only passed about 8 or 10 cars in the 1150km.
Love it!

Lunch stop

I camped for the last time between Warburton and Tjukayirla.

What I noticed most about this country, when compared with the station country further in, was how much it didn't look like a desert, and how soft the ground is, presumably because there are no cloven footed animals to compact it.
Take a look at my tyre track.

It's just as well the locals leave dead cars lying about everywhere so I could find something to put under my bigfoot, or the bike would be horizontal in the morning.
Magic country!

I took a chalet in Leonora Friday night, and, with the bit between my teeth, (finally) I cranked it up to do the 950km into Perth by mid-afternoon.
My trip was over, 14500km, 37days. Memories to last me all my days. Solitude and good company, some new friends made, and some old ones caught up with. You know who you are.
Thanks for watching.
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