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May 13-16 ,2010 The 9th Annual Eastern Rendezvous ..

Thursday morning Augie met us at the farm…

Our bikes are packed and loaded..

Off to Laurel Springs, NC for the 9th Eastern RDV.. A PartyBoss tm Production.

Our Hogan for the weekend..

The hatchback on my bike was stuffed to the gills..
With all the comforts...

We knew we might see a few showers so this old cabin tent would need some extra help... We felt like using one of our bigger tent for a change..

ScottP showed up right after us..

Bike unpacked .. Check.. Time to party ....

ScottP has a nice Baker Tent ..

A few inmates stop by to say howdy..

FreakingRT had to try my saddle…

Ah FYYFF Showing da love..

Our little corner of the world ,we shared with SMIB, and other friends..

Ah Thursday night was MudBug & Shrimp feast..

Just look at the size of this critter !

Ah time for a big one…

Friday we headed home to pick something up..

Who do we meet on va16! MapMaster !!!
Who was riding the area with some buddies..
LOL I did grab the camera as they started leaving ..

Stopped to grab a bite and check for another route back to camp..

Friday night was party at the Tiki bar..

Saturday afternoon Stations Inn was hopping ... With the places being on mm 248 off the BRP...

FreeBornes was jumping as well... Both are great places to camp/motel/grab a bite to eat..

Highbinder & I jumped on the BRP for a little ride..

The Parkway took a beating this passed winter..

Back at camp...
ScottP funny like a clown...

We had a little shower..

HappyRiding checking her gear , making sure it's all dry..

Some FF's were all ready lost in tent city...

Here's a part of Tent city..

Augie kept using me as his Personal leaning post ...

Augie at 6'.3" sure makes me feel tiny @ 5'....

This guy Chuck rode this all the way from Louisiana ...

Must plug one of the Sponsors of the RDV ..Twisted Throttle's Bike..
I like the looks of it...

If you ever get a chance to make it to the Eastern Rendezvous ..
Do it... The PartyBoss tm Sure knows how to put on a gathering...

We had a great time with good friends , riding , eating , laughing...
It just doesn't get any better then that....

The link to a few more photos from The RDV .
A few more RDV photos

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