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Originally Posted by nanno
I think the XV-models were the most missunderstood motorcycles Yamaha ever built, they are perfect tourers, but not sporty at all. Once you get your head round that, they are a bit like the best bits of a (twin) SR500 and a MZ 250.

I.e.: Lot's of torque and very little maintenance.

Wonder if they would have switched to single carb, if the XV would have been more successful in the long run.

Righto, but hers was splended to ride and actually pretty quick especially for what it was. It looked absolutely brilliant, and sounded better, she had a race tuner who worked for the shop make a set of pipes not unlike a set of mid mile dirt track reverse cone megaphones and they sounded brilliant.

The bike looked really cool, it was not a special it was the XX920J I think and a standard UJM back then so easier to make look sportier than a Japachopper.
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