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Hi guys,
Okay. So, again, sorry I went all bitchcakes on yous last week.
I feel much better after some dirt therapy.

Welcome to the Summer of Stupid. I love you.

Originally Posted by Nixels
Except for that needlessly harsh comment about somebody going all "Nixels"
Sorry Nixels. That was mean.
Every family needs a scapegoat. I'll try and be nicer...

Also, sorry Questor, for the Nixels remark. Oops. Old habits die hard :(
I mean, for calling you “Crazy Glorp Dude.”

And, sorry acesandeights, for the “Scary Tweaker Dude” stuff. You’re just excitable. I get it.

Hi Larryboy - Thanks for bringing in the fainting goats. Love! (also, PM sent).

Hey xymo. The interwebs will ruin a ride. And, I already told you how sorry I am that I didn’t leave safety cones on the OBCDR...
But, I don't think cones can pump gas...

Originally Posted by redog1
My bike did that a couple of times last week on the TAT, Just stopped and fainted, tipped over all by itself.
Welcome back! hope you’re going to give us a report!
Originally Posted by Swampy
I just gotta say:
The title of this thread"The Summer of Stupid" Is the absolute best title ever!
oh, thanks, Swampy. I think everyone one who rides can relate to being a total dumbass.
Originally Posted by KTMforget
Bummer, you must have come right past our place in Sandpoint. Sorry we missed you. maybe next time.
Hey Kurt, sorry we missed you, too. Didn't know you were there! We rode right through Sandpoint - it was beautiful, but way too fancy for the likes of us!
Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be back to Idaho. We missed all the good stuff the first time through.
We’ve been using the hell out of our Black Dog skid plate, though!

Okay, zeroblah - here we go...

Day 13 continued...

The Canadian border.
We didn’t bring our passports (didn’t want to lose them) so this is as close as we got.

Another shot of the rocks with legs.
Matt thought maybe they’re supposed to be bison?

First chance/last chance for duty free booze.

Here we are - the start of the CDT!
Wait, it's paved??

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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