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Day 13 continued...

The weather was all over the place.
Sunny, cloudy...

threatening to dump...
We had a little rain earlier today, but nothing too bad.

We finally hit some decent (non paved) roads and didnít really want to stop.
But, as we were going up a trail, we saw a guy on a 990. He didnít have any luggage and just gave a little wave as we passed.

It made us wonder if there was a campground nearby.
We decided to take a look.
It was kind of early to quit (only 6pm), but the skies were still threatening rain.

We went and looked at Grave Creek, but the people camping there seemed a little sketchy.

We found another section, higher up, with 3 spots and a bathroom.
There was no one around and it was further from the river. Perfect.
And free!

There was plenty of firewood and a nice grassy spot.

The isolation creeped me out a little bit, but we had our People Spray (they sell it as bear spray, but Iím way more scared of people. And zombies).

The clouds looked like they were passing, but we used the rainfly, just in case.
We could still hear the thunder booming in the distance.

Had a nice fire.

We rode 268 miles today, but Matt reset Norm at the start of the CDT

Just as we were getting ready for bed, around 10:30, a truck pulled up near the campground.
He turned off the engine and lights and just sat there.
BigWan said it was probably just some couple getting it on in their car , but I was convinced that it was an axe murderer.
Just because we had survived Indian Lake doesn't mean that Jason wasn't there...

It was hard to fall asleep.

ki ki ki ah ah ah!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
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