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Day 3 Continued

Took Old Military Road east. There was another single motorcycle track I kept seeing that didn't seem to be that old. Wonder who that is? Never found out.

Some great terrain and really cool two track to ride:

Continued east, losing the trail a few times.

Finally ended up at a locked-posted gate that someone had removed the fence next to it. We tried several different options. Had to make some tough choices

Suffice it to say that we found our way south through the Catlow Valley. If you are planning a ride like this you need to be aware that the northern part of the Catlow Valley is private property so you need to make it south before heading for Fields.

After riding many miles came to another locked gate. Just on the other side of the gate was a marker facing the other way that declared it was a hunting boundary. We had to get to the other side so we got a little creative. Let's just say that dragging three dual sports on their sides for about 8 feet isn't a lot of fun. “Are we on BLM yet?”

We continued south, got lost some more, maps and GPS showed tracks that just weren't there. Just kept heading east and south and finally popped out exactly where the paved road turns out of the valley towards Fields! Man we are excellent navigators or what!

To Fields for a late awesome Hamburger and shake lunch and some fuel.

Now must make a choice: Alvord Hot Springs or Willow Hot Springs. I know it's a tough choice. With potential weather heading in we choose Willow and decide to take Whitehorse road part way then a small track south and approach Willow Hot Springs from the south. If we have more time, we'd take a little longer route. When we got to the turn we were all ready for a soak and to call it a day so choose the shorter track. It was still fun. When we got to Willow Creek, Mark was in the lead and missed the crossing. I was trying to catch him but the two track was very overgrown. It all ended up good because we found this:

Close-up of the sign:

These two brother had built amazing stone houses. Walls were around 2 feet thick.

They even thought to cement boards into the walls, I assume to attach shelving or cabinets. Very well built and thought through:

Other brother's home:

Backtracked to the creek crossing and headed north for the Hot Springs.

We were spread out because of the dust. Mark passed the turnoff so Jonathan and I waited and watched him ride out of sight. After a few minutes we see him on his way back. So we turn and head in to find a camp site. Mark pulls in and right behind him are two guys from Portland. One on a Kawi DRZ400 with a bad stator and the other on a WR250. Cool guys that have done a lot of awesome trips.

We all hit the hot springs. While there a very old geezer sauntered in and made sure to instruct us that it was proper etiquette to not wear clothing in the hot spring. Guess we all decided to be unfashionable.

Later we sat around eating dinner and swapping stories while watching an amazing sunset:

Skeeters weren't even too bad.

Day was short on miles. I forgot to clear my GPS the night before so the stats are 123 miles for the day.

The elevations really show Beaty

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