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Here's the other side of the bike. Paid $350. Seatpan has some rust and no hooks but I'll keep you in mind if I end up cannibalizing it. If I do I'll probably use the gauges for both odo and speedo parts on my R75 and my two other "project" bikes that I know both have gauge issues. The PO is scrounging around for the key and other misc. parts which he may still have buried in his garage. Maybe he'll find a Heinrich tank but I'll settle for a set of sidecovers. He told me several times that this bike was the "around town" bike for a guy from San Francisco who used to race BMW's but that's all the info I have on that. Supposedly broken odo reads 1944 mi. so he figures it probably turned over but really doesn't know as he only put about 800 miles on it before he parked in order to install a set of Mikuni's on it (1998). She has sat ever since. I've never named my bikes but may call this one Alice as it was parked next to the famed Alice's Restaurant under the green tarp for a few years. A Norcal Airhead who somehow spotted it posted the availability of this bike on our local airlist. I expected the bike would no longer be there when I rode up to Alice's 3 weeks later and was suprised that it was. I was able to lift the tarp enough to see that it had the big tank that appeared ok and that was enough to interest me despite the rough appearing condition of everything else visible to me. Anyway Alice is home now although parked nex to the shed with a tarp over her. Gotta make some room in my crowded 1/2 of the garage.
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