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Day 4 Continued

It was about 3:00pm and I was going 40-45mph at the time. My front tire caught a deep rut which sent me left. This section of road had a very shallow ditch at the edge of the graded roadbed then a dirt berm close to three feet high at the outside.

My tire dropped into the ditch then hit the berm. From what I put together, the bike pretty much stopped right there and launched me through the air. I landed hard on my left shoulder and my head smacked the ground pretty good.

In this pic my track starts left and crosses over to the right of the pic. The straight track is Jonathan's

Here's Marks description:

Let's just say he flew through the air with the greatest of ease. Muddy rut, 40 mph, looking backward, not a good combination. Looked like he might save it, just for a second. A real quick swap, left turn and LAUNCH over the berm at the side of the road. I was standing on the pegs and Tim did a flat spin that was right at my eye level. Prefect two point landing, head and shoulder. Luckily no rocks only sage brush and loose dirt”

I was a little dazed but was on my feet pretty quickly. I shut the bike off as Mark and Jonathan quickly came running over.

They saw the whole thing and from what they said it was really good looking crash. I think one of them gave me a 9.5 for form but only a 3 for not sticking the landing.

Of course they were asking if I was OK. And that is exactly what I was wondering.

My helmet was twisted around my head a little, my goggles smashing my glasses into my face, so I got that off quickly.

After checking myself out I realized that my left shoulder was really hurting, but it didn't see to hurt enough to be broken. I could still move, just with some pain. My left knee felt like I might have torn a ligament or something and my right pinky finger didn't want to straighten out. All in all it could have been a lot worse.

As the guys got my bike back onto the road I walked around collecting my wits. Seems they were scattered all over.

Mark showing how high I was in the air:

The bike didn't fare too badly. The forks were tweeked some, the left mirror was bent at a weird angle and there was a fine collection of Oregon dirt on various parts:

In that first pic you can see that the forks and the bars don't seem to be pointed in the same direction. Mark put the tire between his knees and gave a good reef on the bars. That helped. I took off the mirror and put it in the pack.

If you look at the ground in the pics, you will see that the mud was sticking to our boots. That will give you an idea of what we were riding on.

What to do now?

Surprisingly I wasn't feeling that badly and thought we should continue our planned route down to Three Forks Crossing of the Owhyee.

Mark mentioned that maybe we should head to Jordan Valley and have me checked out by a Doc. But I didn't feel that was necessary and convinced them to continue the ride.

Getting back on proved to be some effort with the bad knee, but once on the bike I felt I could continue.

I heard later that as I took off Mark slipped in the mud and dropped his bike. I didn't see it as I no longer had a functional left mirror.

We took it slow at first, but soon I was back to about 3/4 speed.

Arrived at Five points and were trying to figure out which of the roads we were to take. My GPS was saying to take the very lightly traveled route along the fence heading east.

As we check the maps here come several pickups and ....what is that...a steamroller. It was some BLM contract road crew. Seemed all they were doing was smashing sage brush?

We asked directions, and the guy checked out my maps. He directed us to take the track to the right of the one I thought.

We took off in the recommended direction but my GPS route which I had taken care to plan well was showing we were off course.

I trusted my GPS more than the road crew guy, so we backtracked. Sure enough, the road crew guy was WRONG. We eventually got to the waypoint I had set which should be the trail that headed down off the canyon rim, to the Owhyee river.

Yep the track was right where it should be, however it wasn't much of a trail. I looked like a rocky riverbed with a very steep slope to it.

There really wasn't any other option, we either had to go down it or miss the one thing I had been really wanting to see from my very first days planning this trip back in February.

Let's go. Mark took lead and I went second. This would have been a good trail for a rock-crawler jeep or a trials bike, but for three fully loaded dual sports it was tough.

These pics really don't do it justice. That's probably because I stopped to take pictures after the tough stuff.

Mark and I made it to the hot springs which are about 50 feet above the river. We waited for Jonathan but saw and heard nothing. After waiting for 5 minutes or so, Mark headed his bike back up the trail and I began walking. Mark eventually found him. He was on his bike and riding. When he passed me he was shaking his head and his eyes were pretty big.

He stopped at a small turn around point by the hot springs and slowly crawled off his bike moaning about smashing his foot.

He was hopping around and not putting any weight on the leg. We didn't know what to think.

After he sat down and pulled off his boots and sock and here's what we saw:

To be honest, it seemed like much ado about nothing. However Jonathan explained that three times his foot got raked off his foot peg and smashed into the portion of his center stand you use to bring it down. The last time he actually fell onto his left side. Getting a F650 off your leg doesn't seem like an easy thing to do, but he finally managed.

While Jonathan nursed his wound, Mark and I explored the spring:

My leg didn't allow me to get down to the water with my boots on. Mark said the water was only bath water warm. On our way back we scared up a pretty good size rattler. Good thing he wanted nothing to do with us and slithered under a rock.

After some discussion we decided that Mark and I would ride our bikes down the last extremely difficult section then come back and get Jonathan and his bike down.

You can find other reports on ADV about this section, it's pretty amazing. I totally screwed up my line and thought I was going down but managed to save it.

We eventually get Jonathan and his bike down and set up camp while Jonathan soaks his foot in the cold river.

After a really tough day, the sun found a way under the clouds just before sunset and we were blessed with an awesome view of the sun hitting the canyon rim:

Mark and I set up Jonathan's tent and gear and we hit the sack pretty early.

You'll have to see Jonathan's foot pic the next night...ugly, ugly, ugly.

Here's the day's stats: Actually a pretty good moving speed considering that some of that was after my crash

Check out the last section of this elevation. You can see how steep the last section is:

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