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Day 5 Heading for a good rest

Day 5

The rain began about 10:00pm that night accompanied by the wind. Tents were shaking and snapping. With the injuries it made for a long night for me. In addition we hadn't forded the river yet and I was concerned that it might rise with all the rain. I had walked it that evening and it was knee deep at the deepest spot. Bottom was tennis ball size rocks with a few basketball size thrown in for fun.

Next morning, got completely dressed and packed everything that I could before crawling out of the tent. We skipped breakfast as no one wanted to mess with it in the rain. Granola bars to the rescue. Packed up the tents soaking wet.

The plan was to get to Ontario early in the afternoon. I would call ahead when we got cell service and make arrangements to sleep in the church I used to be a pastor at there. They have a large outside covered area where we could dry out our tents, showers which we really needed and a washer and dryer for our clothes.

But right now we needed to cross the river.

Mark volunteered to go first. I took a bunch of pics so just deal with it.

Then Jonathan with his gimp leg went next:

My bike was running terribly. It's always been a little cold blooded, but it just wasn't running right. I think some water must have gotten into the tank as I had lost the gas cap vent tube on the first day. I just had to keep the revs high and slip the clutch all the way across. With the bad knee, sore shoulder and bike that didn't want to run, I was concerned. I made it but with a quick dab of my right foot. Fortunately it didn't come over the top of my boots so all was good.

Jonathan didn't have a good view of my crossing so just snapped a couple quick pics:

The road out was super muddy. Within a couple hundred yards there was so much mud packed into the chain that rocks started to be picked up. It sounded like they were getting caught between the chain and sprockets. Very loud cracks and grinds. A couple rocks must have jammed between the chain and lower chain guide as when I washed the bike than night, the bottom of the guard was broken out.

Jonathan snapped a few pics of the mud mohawks our bikes were sporting.

It was a couple miles of nasty, muddy road to get out of the canyon. Up on top the roads were still muddy but not as bad. Again we adjusted our speed to the conditions between 20 and 50mph. We were cold and a little wet so we took the fastest route we could to Jordan Valley. Silver City, Idaho was going to have to wait for another trip.

Stopped at a cafe in Jordan Valley for some hot food. In walks another rider, Carl, on a dual sport goes by Idahoskiguy on ADV. He was riding a 640 like Marks. He had just come from Silver City and was heading for Leslie Gulch. I was thinking of riding Leslie Gulch, but Carl's description sealed the deal. After checking weather reports, Carl and I rode over to refuel.

12 miles of slab out of Jordan Valley we turned on to the gravel to take us to Leslie Gulch and Succor Creek. Jonathan rode up and asked how far it was to the next gas. Carl and I guess 45 miles, maybe more. Jonathan admits that he didn't gas at JV and now his low fuel light was on. The only real option was for him to ride back to JV for fuel and we would ride on and wait at the Leslie Gulch turnoff.

Mark took the opportunity to catch a little snooze.

Leslie Gulch was amazing:

The road dumps out at Owyhee Reservior.

GPS shows we were riding on the water.

Back out the way we came then north through Succor Creek. It was beautiful, but paled in comparison to Leslie Gulch.

When we hit the slab, Carl headed for home and we blasted to the church for a quite, dry, warm rest and good dinner at the local Mexican Restaurant.

When Jonathan finally took off his boot, things weren't looking too good. Check it out, even his toe nails were purple:

It was great to have a hot shower and a plush carpeted floor for a good night's rest.

Here's the stats and elevations for the day. Notice the deep ride to the lake and back on Leslie Gulch Road:

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