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Here's from an e-mail thread (09/21/2010) I've been having with Dan at Traxxion on this very topic.

question from jscottyk
...curious where things stand with the latest fork caps that allow
for compression and rebound adjustments on both fork legs?
answer from Dan
We do have the fork caps ready. With the new caps, one fork is adjustablefor rebound, and one fork is adjustable for compression, and both are preload adjustable. Note that this setup differs from the setup on some of the OEM forks on bike like some new Triumphs and the new FZ1, which literally have a rebound piston only in one fork, and a compression piston only in the other. This is our normal AK20 cartridge, with a rebound AND compression piston in each fork.

follow up question from jscottyk
One follow up question, what's the reasoning behind rebound and compression damping in both fork legs, but adjustability for one/another in each? Is this a limitation of the fork cap?
answer from Dan
It is a limitation of the fork cap. Most compression adjustable forks have an adjuster in the bottom of the fork, and rebound at the cap. There is no easy way to add compression adjustability at the bottom. And there is no easy way to have both C+R in the cap in a fork with a standard cartridge. Generally, our compression/rebound at the cap will provide more than sufficient adjustment range if the forks are valved properly. The rebound only in one leg comp only in the other setup does not have enough piston area for proper tuning. It is hard to get the firm low speed, softer high speed for bump absorption with a single small piston. The Showa Big Piston Forks (rebound one leg, comp other) work like that, but they have BIG PISTONS, hence the name.

follow up question jscottyk
So for the rebound or compression valving that is in the non-adjustable leg, is it set in the middle of it's range?
answer from Dan
Yes. Itís set to what would be the middle of adjustment. The compression leg is pretty interesting. It was one where the tech actually had a dream about the fork and came up with the idea in his sleep. He was unhappy with the single piston setup but wanted fully adjustable forks for his SV650 racing buddies.
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