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Originally Posted by knybanjo

When are you going to ride out here to the Blue Ridge?
AS it stands now, Oct 2 & 3. Others are planning the ride and I think they're looking at hitting the BRP somewhere above Asheville, camp o'nite, and get off onto some of the Virginia back roads to come home. When I say "backroads" I'm talking pavement. It'll be an eclectic group. 2 old shovel heads, a teenager aboard a KLR, my nephew on his 1150 GS, and my 650GS. It will depend on what happens between now and then with my eyesight whether I go or not. I have no central vision in my left eye and a cataract in the right eye is growing at an alarming rate. I am scheduled for cataract surgery on the 7th and can't wait. I haven't been able to see worth a shit for years and am really looking forward to it. My eyesight is why I tell everone that you are a tall, slender, handsome, suave and debonair guy I know.
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