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Originally Posted by bmwloco
There are photos of Mojo, my R60/2 in the thread. Twin solo seats, big tank.

A tale. All true.

My parents had both died within 18 months of each other. I took care of them for 3 years. I was living in the after, in Athens GA, riding my R60/2 for the last three years and then daily, while prepping my R100RS for the Iron Butt and my R100GS for around the world.

I had a girlfriend too. Baldy, raven hair, built for comfort and speed ;) Wild days and nights... then I noticed a problem. About oh, half way up the flagpole, a bend 10-15 degrees to the left! It hurt, too, and the nights with the wild one were, well, painful.

Fine, I thought. Money in the bank and a broken joystick. Joy.

Instead of wallowing in it, I decided to be proactive. I found a good Urologist on Milledge Avenue. Old school. The receptionist reminded me of my grandmother.

Old MD. He asks me what's up. I tell him of my kink in the mast. He looks at it. He looks at me and says "...yup, seen this before. You work with heavy equipment? Jackhammer?"

I told him no, No heavy equipment, I was a computer geek. He looked at my leather jacket hanging from the hook and my helmet sitting on the chair beneath.

He said ", you ride. BMW?"

I just looked at him... "yeah, old '66 /2" He started laughing. Finally he said, get dressed, I want to show you something in my office..." I pulled on my Levi's and padded in.

When the light snapped on, I could see the WWII black and white photos on the walls. Seems Doc had been in the wave that freed Paris. He handed me a photo... young, god they looked young. Battle gear, thee guys, and an old BMW.

"When we drove the Germans out, they left quickly. We managed to steal a few motorcycles and used them to move around Paris the next couple months... soon, we noticed a problem... much like you have today.

"What you have done is something like rubbing a callous on your hands... sit farther back on the seat. In the mean time, I will give you something for the pain. Sit farther back, don't rub against the tank, and you'll be o.k. It didn't happen over night, and it won't be right over night, but it will be o.k. in time."

To this day, I sit a little farther back. The Raven one is now 325lbs and living in a trailer. Happily, I have done better. And I am better :)

Somehow, you always have the most bizarre posts and they always span subjects of world travel, motorcycle adventures, witchcraft leavings in a gloveboxes, urological "issues," wild women, and struggling paths to contentment and happiness.
That being said, I always enjoy them immensely.

Scares me a little. You might be a nutter or too much like me. Well, except for the urology thing which I hope is better now. (don't respond to that.)

Hope to bump into you someday and have a beer.

...and i'll sit further back on the seat
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