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Said Baldy:
Very interesting subject. For my wife's bday, I secretly collected old slides and prints from her parents and scanned them to produce a photo album that goes back to when she was a baby.

I thought the results, for the most part, were pretty good considering the sad state of the slides, being faded and dirty.

We did it ourselves with an Epson flatbed scanner with a filmstrip attachment. Half the key was adjusting the photos in Photooshop afterwards. But it was a multi-day project.

We've talked about offering such a service as part of smugmug or forming a relationship with service bureau that does it, but no decision yet.

The scanner can be had relatively cheaply if you're interested in that option.
Yeah, I have a scanner. Only problem is, its getting to be five years old, and the quality of the scans has gone to hell, so I'd need a new one to do it with. It's the time factor that I don't want to deal with. I know that my trip out west is something like 200 photos, so It would take me the better part of a week to scan them in. I'd rather be able to drop off all the negatives, and have em done for me, but I guess since All my new photos are going to be digi anyway, I might as well do it myself, and just count on working on it here and there for the next few years !

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