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Originally Posted by Gordy

Just had some time to scan your report this morning a bit.

Good stuff, likin' it!
JJnG!! I knew somebody would like the crappy pics of all the crap!

Originally Posted by IBGONE
My eyesight is why I tell everone that you are a tall, slender, handsome, suave and debonair guy I know.
Sounds like you have perfect eyesight to me!

btw...I'll be riding pavement with a couple of the "old guys from work" gang on Oct 2-3....spending the night in Andrews, NC Sat.... and riding the Cherohala & Dragon Sun as part of the annual mecca to fulfill our duties as m/c tourists.

They've gotten so used to following me that it will be interesting to see if they can find their way home by themselves on Monday. (as I have to head for home Sunday night)

Originally Posted by Tukata
I was told it was thrown away because of damage
If I knew Ron had hauled it away to sit in a garage, then I would have bugged him
Speaking of the "old guys from work"

Tukata's uncle is one of them but, unfortunately he just had shoulder surgery and won't be joining us on this year's fall ride.

The back story on the CT70 is that it belonged to Tukata's grandpa and it is the 1st bike that Tukata learned to ride on.

Back up 5 1/2 years to Daytona Beach Bike Week....his grandfather has passed away, grandma is living in an apartment and their home sits vacant and hurricane damaged. It was an inch away from being condemded and was eventually torn down but at the time the power and water were still on and it was a free place to stay during Bike Week.

The CT70 was sitting there at the house and one of the other "old guys" asked how much they wanted for it....the reply was take it, it's yours. So he brought it home to try to get it running but fell ill with cancer shortly afterwards. He recovered from that but never did get around to do anything with the mini-trail. As the years crept on Tukata's uncle was asked if he or anybody in the family wanted that back...specifically Tukata. But apparrently the message never made to him and when we were out for a group ride a few weeks ago the subject came up again and I said that I would take it if nobody else wanted it.

Short story longer.....How can I refuse to let a man have the very 1st bike he learned to ride on? Especially when it is the actual bike itself.

The 'lil CT70 will be going home to Tukata sometime soon.
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