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Originally Posted by kixtand
I'm not sure about this one. It is my understanding that the pre-/2 bikes ran thru the end of the 50's, not just '55. Additionally, there are a number of other differences, a lot of them not cosmetic, 'twixt the pre-/2 and the /2s. This is also the same premise as to why there is an R69 in addition to an R69S, and in this case even the cranks are different to my knowledge.

Needless to say I could be mistaken, but my research to this point does not say so.


A 1954 has an open shaft, I have seen it. I am not to sure about this either, but I have heard to from 2 different people. My bike had a very small tail light, that did not look like the /2 tail light, and was made in 1955.
Would they change the tail light and some other features and not call it a new model?
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