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didn't expect a /2 thread to come here :)

I own a 60/2 from 62'
so that's an early model with the "bad" heads (short spark plug thread)

right now im working on it, 4th oversize pistons (74.00 mm) i blew the right cylinder on the highway ..
It appears i have been driving around with wrong pistons, from an R60 (no /2). those had longer conrods and shorter pistons (and also a flatter piston head for only 6.5 instead of 7.5 com.).

so i had too little compression, easy to kickstart but no power :)
I'll try to post some pics.
forgive the bad english, im from holland ;) i do understand german dough so if anybody needs some (technical) bmw information translated..

by the way i really like those vintage side cases!
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