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Originally Posted by AllOrds
HEY!! You holding out on us ?

Whats wit da links (dog bones)?

There's a set on the table and another on the bike
Jesus!!!, You guys dont miss a thing!!
I'm gonna gave to start brushing my hair and cleaning under my fingernails before I take anymore pics of the bike on the slab.
Whadaya download these pics and study them in detail like porn or something .

OK. I did actually mention in the post last night that the rear of the bike is slightly higher, and it's because of the new suspension links. I was going to post some pics up along with a short ride report but I ran out of time.

When I first looked at my bike at the dealers I sat around ogling for quite a while and noted that, although there was no quick adjustment available for ride height it would not be too difficult to alter the rear suspension links to achieve a better stance if required.
The more I rode my bike the more I realised that I would prefer the rear slightly higher for both ergo's (I flatfoot on the high seat setting) and to quicken up the steering (I come from very sharp handling sports bikes and competition dirt bikes).

There is a company manufacturing a similar riser link that offers a 35mm rear rise, but I did not need that much lift and was concerned about the over increased operating angle of the drive shaft, more specifically the uni joint angle.
Careful consideration (for my needs) and a few tests confirmed that I was after a 25mm rise height change. I removed the original link for measurement and dropped the rear wheel for the new measurement.
The swing arm was stroked through the full motion to check if there would be any interference.
While the link was removed I checked the hardness of the original part to find it not much different to 350# steel (although I cut these from high tensile steel).
The part was modelled and laser cut, and what you see on the bike now is the prototype without cadd plating surface finish.

You can see the difference in length between the two links in this pick.

This pic shown the rear tire on the deck. The rear tyre it is exactly 25mm lower (rear of the bike raised) than with the standard links.

A ride report.

The ride height change to the bikes geometry made exactly the difference in ride characteristics that were being targeted.

1/ At a standstill the seating position is now 1/2" gap under the heal both sides with the bike upright, and flatfoot at a comfortable balanced lean when stopped at lights. PERFECT for my Kermet the Frog legs.

2/ The bike is quicker and more neutral steering/cornering on the road to a point where it is positively responding to foot peg load input and slight body attitude messages in corners. Change of lean angle/line mid corner and flopping over from side to side in corners is a lot quicker and sharper to the point where handling is becoming so intuitive that the bike feels like it is mind controlled.... It really has had that much impact.
There has been absolutely NO negative effect on steering head wobbles at high speed through corners or in a straight line (even with bumps thrown into the equation) in fact it may even be the other way round. The more weighted front seems to have responded positively in a more planted way than with the previous geometry.

3/ On the gravel/dirt (very short stint so far) the difference in geometry is very obvious with the steering feeling more direct and accurate rather than the slight barging/vague feeling from previous geometry.

4/ The centre stand now requires lengthening. At the moment my rear tyre is very worn and I can still utilize the centre stand.. That will change when I fit a new rear as the stand will be too short by about 3/4".
I will laser cut and press some weld-on plates for the bottom of my stand to enable the rear to still lift off the ground.
The side stand places the bike at a slightly increased angle but I planned on making a foot plate for that anyway.

All in all, possibly THE best change I have made so far to the WaspMOBILE. - Very happy camper.

I will update as I get these links plated.


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